10 Best External Hard Disks In India With Cheapest Price

Wants to know the cheapest and Best External Hard Disks In India?

In India, every Laptop or desktop nowadays comes with limited storage supply ranges from 500GB to 1TB. Hence most of the customers always want to have a Best External Hard Disks In India.

The problem is that people always think Hard Disk is very costly and its right as well. Hence, I have combined the top cheapest external Hard Disk under 5000 rs which can be affordable to buy online in India.

The external Hard Disk drive is nothing but portable data storage device which uses magnetic storage for storing information or data in digital form within a small comfortable size.

These Best External Hard Disks In India capacities range from 500GB up to 10TB. But as an average uses customer, people can afford up to 2TB size. Therefore, this article is probably for you.

Here are 10 Best External Hard Disks In India you must buy online.

Transcend is one of the best and a highly trusted Taiwan company mainly selling memory storage devices like the USA, Flash drive as well as a portable external drive.

Their most significant achievement is above hard disk which comes below price 5000/- along with 1TB capacity. This cheapest hard disk has connection bandwidth up to 5.5 GB per second which is rarely available for top most branding companies like WD, Seagate, etc.

Transcend Portable External Hard Drive comes with a three years warranty period which is more than enough. You can find additional features in the below bullets points.

  • Power saving sleep mode.
  • One touch auto-backup button.
  • LED power/data transfer activity indicator.
  • Includes Transcend Elite backup and security software.

M.R.P.: 5,500.00 /-
Amazon Price: 4,420.00/-

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cheap sony hard disk

Japanese’s trending company, Sony turn over to its electronics gadget when they realize people are cultivating to more smarter devices. Hence they are focusing on making excellent gadgets and bringing them to the market world.

Above mentioned Sony’s portable external hard disk comes in a slimy mode. It has 1TB storage capacity. Like Transcend, it also has three years warranty period. Then exactly what is the main difference between them? Why should you buy Sony’s hard disk, not the tenth one?

Becuase sony’s hard disk is compatible for MAC devices also. For 3.0 UBS port, you will get 5GBPS, and for 2.0 USB port, you would get maximum 480MBPS.

Sony has fantastic customer service. If you are experiencing some difficulties while using the Sony hard disk, then Sony will instantly replace that product with a new one if you are under warranty period. So why you are waiting. Visit Amazon and buy it without thinking anymore.

M.R.P.: 6,700.00/-
Amazon Price: 4,649.00

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best Toshiba cheap External Hard Drive

Among the named two drives, Toshiba‘s affordable hard disk made a dramatic entry in this list. Japanese multinational company, Toshiba is known for their electronic gadget and advanced technologies which can overtake likes of Sony, Transcend.

The mentioned portable hard disk comes with 3.0 port which helps to transfer data in a flash.

Features included in the Hard Disk is as follows:

  • Storage capacity: 1 TB
  • Speed: 5.0 GBPS
  • Warranty: 3 Yeas
  • Protection: Has built-in internal shock sensor

So why are you waiting for then? Go for Toshiba’s electronics gadgets if you like Japanese technologies?.

M.R.P.: 6,000.00/-
Amazon Price: 4,190.00 /-

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hp best Hard Drive

When it comes to electronic gadgets and device, HP comes in picture. This above external hard disk comes with 3.0 port with 1TB size. It has excellent sleek design as well as metallic body which has hard casing body.

This product has 1-year warranty like others. If you found broken piece and wants to replace, HP dealers will probably repair it instead of giving a replacement.

M.R.P.: 6,999.00/-
Amazon Price: 3,990.00 /-

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ADATA best cheap hard disk

If you are not aware of ADATA hard disk, then let me tell you. ADATA Technology is a well known Chinese company for their main products i.e.
Memory Cards, Pendrives, Hard Disks. Also, ADATA also sells computer gaming software.

This product made waterproof that comes with a 1TB external hard disk. Regarding quality, it a manufactured with particular rubber material along with an outer layer of carbon fiber. The exciting thing is that it has a total of three years of warranty which is a notably surprising thing.

M.R.P.: 7,999.00 /-
Amazon Price: 4,900.00 /-

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Sony hard disk

If you want reliable Hard Disk with stronger protection, then Sony might be a good choice. This external drive available in blue color and has 1TB storage capacity.

This Sony external hard disk comes with three years manufacturing warranty. As extra protection, it has Shockproof resistance. Meaning it will be unaffected by minor accidents like falling on the surface.

M.R.P.: 8,250.00/-
Amazon Price: 5,290.00/-

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Toshiba 2tb hard disk

Japan’s one of the notable companies Toshiba has its products that could compete against top major companies. Toshiba’s External Hard Drive comes with 2TB storage with 3.0 external port.

The best thing about this product is its extended warranty period. Meaning the product has three years longer Warranty time.

According to reviews from Amazon, there are no heating issues. Furthermore, you will get around 80-100mbps data transfer speed. The mentioned Hard Drive in this list comes with a bit high price, but it’s ok if you are getting some good quality.

M.R.P.: 6,999.00/-
Amazon Price: 6,199.00/-

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Seagate 1tb 3.0 usb best External Hard Drive

Another Best External Hard Disks In India is Seagate, that marked as king of all external hard drives.

This particular external storage drive comes into the picture because of its lower price. If you don’t want to but the top one, you can take a look at this one.

This hard drive has 1TB storage capacity with 3 Years Limited Warranty.

M.R.P.: 5,599.00/-
Amazon Price: 3,890.00/-

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WD my passport 1TB

Produced by Western Digital, My Passport is one of the best selling external hard drives that come with a cheaper price when it comes to quality.

Currently, there are a total of six variants of My Passport namely Essential Edition, Essential SE Edition, Elite Edition, Essential for Mac, Studio Edition and the Essential SE for Mac.

This external hard disk exactly looks like and be the size of a passport. Thus received the name. Though there are already best external hard drives already roaming around the world with its best storage capacity, still, this 1 TB drive would be the best choice if you want to use it for a more extended period.

M.R.P.: 5,960.00/-
Amazon Price: 3,899.00/-

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Cheapest Seagate 1.5TB hard disk India


Seagate is one of the Best External Hard Disks In India due to several reasons.

Seagate Storage drives‘ is one of the types which can be bought with blind eyes. It has absolutely no reason to avoid this thing. That’s why it took an uppermost position in our Best Hard Disk article.

Seagate Technology is an American Data Storage company famously known for their best Hard disk drives. It’s a multinational company which sold the best storage drive all over the world.

If you look at this one, it has all the feature you need in just 4K Rupees. It can be used for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And what more, it has a maximum three years warranty. So if you got any issue with your drive, you could replace it with a new one.

M.R.P.: 8,999.00/-
Amazon Price: 4,199.00/-

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