Best Laptops Under 30000, 40000, 50000 in India

Looking for cheap & best Laptop for your daily usage?

Then you are in the right place.

You are searching for a cheaper priced Laptop, which means your usage must be average per day.

If you Engineering Students, then these Laptops Under 30000 are best for you.

It’s not wrong to have a cheaper price laptop. They correctly configured to have daily work done with minimal load.

We have listed best Laptops according to your budgets like under Rs. 30000/-, 40000/-, 50000, etc.

Best Laptops Under 30000 in India:

We have not only listed the Best Laptop Under 30000 but also higher configuration too.

If you happen to stumble upon one of the highly configured Laptops that might interest you, do not hesitate to go through it.

Some Laptops made for high duty work that can provide batteries life for 7-8 hours per day.

They why not take a look at it.

Find out the list of famous Best Laptops under Rs. 30000/-:

Last update was on: May 6, 2022 1:16 am

  • DELL
  • HP
  • ACER
  • ASUS

Find out below the Advantages & Disadvantages of having Best Laptop Under 30000:


  • High Device Storage up to 1TB
  • Get Latest pre-installed Windows 10 OS
  • Expandable memory slot of RAM
  • Benefits for college students or Engineering Students
  • Advantageous for low usage users


  • Cannot play games for a more extended period
  • Cannot withstand multiple heavy loaded software
  • Not beneficial for high usage office work
  • Prolonged usage of battery may damage the battery life
  • Cannot install multiple software as Laptop would get sluggish

Best Laptops Under 40000 in India:

Now go one step closer to higher configured laptops that range under Rs. 40000.

If you are a daily user plus doing substantial official works, then why not go for next-generation laptops?

Below is the list of Best Laptops under Rs. 40000/- that mainly focused on employees who like to attend daily meetings from Home do excel work and operate some mid-level applications.

In this range, Indian users will get RAM capacity 4GB and 8GB.

  • HP

Below are the machines that offer Laptops under Rs. 40000/-:

Last update was on: May 6, 2022 1:16 am

Best Laptops Under 50000 in India:

If you want to have the best Laptop under 50000 for day to day heavy software, then it’s the perfect product for you.

This Rs. 50000/- priced Laptops will help you to handle any CAD or CAE application, MS office work, checking daily emails, and internet browsing.


  • Latest Intel generation
  • Can extend memory up to 1 to 2 TB
  • Will have moderate battery life


  • Cannot handle more than two heavy software
  • Daily usage of heavy software will cause slowness of the machine

Find out the list of famous Best Laptops under Rs. 50000/-:

Last update was on: May 6, 2022 1:16 am

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