5 DC Superheroes Action Figures All Time You Should Buy It

Action figures/toys Features toys which resemble the Live Action Superheroes produced by Mattel in 2006 for DC comics fans.

Most of the 6 to 13 years age’ kids want to collect such a type of action figures for their own entertainment which is not a wrong thing.

There are tons of Superheroes Action figures which might confuse you in terms of buying perspective. There are three different line of DC action figures and one of them is 6” scale figure toy line.

Hence in this article, I am going to list down top 5 DC Superheroes Action Figures All Time which you should buy it!

1. Superman: Justice League of America-Action Figures

DC action figures Superman

Angry expression and serious looking Superman is an excellent action figure. It has shiny color texture on the toy.

One of the best Action figures has 5 stars ratings on the Amazon with a reasonable price and if you are looking for the kid then never miss this opportunity.

As a fan of Superman, I highly recommend it

2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse 6″ Batman Figure

Batman DC action figure

Ben Affleck’s first ever rebooted Batman now comes in the form of Action figures for DC Comics fans.

This toy is adapted from the recent DCEU movie having dynamic posing.

The Batsuit is heavily inspired by the film which is good as compared to the old version of Batman’s suit.

The main attraction for this toy is having 20 points of articulations for fighting and thrilling battle actions. Also comes with a very cheap price. So if you are a die-hard fan of Cape Crusader then this would a nice choice.

3. Justice League Unlimited Action Figures

The huge package of DC superheroes gang which includes Superman, Supergirl, Mr. Terrific, Elongated Man, Obsidian, and Hourman.

The manufacturing is very well and durable one. if kids want to buy more than 1 superheroes in one attempt then this would the better idea than purchasing individual one.


4. Justice League of America Action Figures

Justice League of America toyline

All the prominent and founding members of the Justice League of America are now available in toys form.

One of the most selling product on Amazon which has 4.5 Stars on it.

This combo package contains all the iconic superheroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg.

One of the DC comics fans has shared his /her views regarding this product,

“All in all, it’s a great set and if you are missing any of these in your collection or you don’t have any of them, do not hesitate. They are awesome! Once again DC gives us incredibly detailed figures that are insanely awesome. Buy it!!”

SO hurry up and buy the product.



Ezra Miller's The Flash action toy

Time traveling and time screwing red speedster, the Flash, is now available in 6” action figures toy line series.

This figures based on Ezra Miller’s Flash character and he will go to make his full appearance from the Justice League: All In the movie.

This product comes with an additional piece of the toy which is Steppenwolf’ leg. Sounds crazy but yes it’s true.

Barry Allen is one of the most lovable and fans favorite character from DC comics. So if you are a fan of him then don’t miss the chance.

So in conclusion, all DC Superheroes Action Figures are awesome in the above list. Hence, I highly recommend to go through all of the toys and select according to your kids choice.

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