Google Workspace Promo Code: Get 10% OFF [March 2021]

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From October 6, G Suite is now known as Google Workspace.

[Google Workspace Promo Code is Valid Till March 2021]

Google Workspace offers All features in one place.

The Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) users will approximately save around $10-20 for the first twelve months.

[Applicable for Business Starter Plan and Business Standard Plan]

Sign Up Today For Americas Regions Google Workspace:

Apply Google Workspace Promo Code now and know better cost reduction tips below.

You will get 10% quick discount meaning approximately user will save around $10 to $15.

Note: For other countries, you can avail discount from below links.

Smart Way To Use Google Workspace Promo Code For 10% Discount

Visit below G Suite referral link that lets you get 10% discount upon new sign in, First the account will be for 14 days.


If you sign-up your Google Workspace account using above URL, then you won’t need to apply Google Workspace Promo Code separately.

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If you want to register using Google Workspace Promo Code, email us at ‘[email protected]’.

Use Google Workspace Promo Code and learn an easy way to get 10% Quick Discount

Note: Google Workspace is a trademark of Google. We only promote coupons (Gutscheincode) of G Suite. We are not representing as Google or Google Workspace.

This promotion (Codigo promotional Google Workspace) is applicable for the below countries:

US, UK, CA, Dubai, Argentina, Australia, Belgium (België), Brasil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Deutschland, 香港, Ireland, Italy, India, 日本, Mexico, Nederland, New Zealand, Perú, Portugal, Singapore, España and many more where Google solely selling their product packages.

Get not only google apps promo code (Código de promoção) but also tips for setting up Google account.

[Please drop your opinion about this discount in the comment section below. We would like to hear from you]

  • It’s better to use free trial unless you are sure of purchasing it.

Note: It’s better to select an Annual Plan for better cost reduction.


  • Visit 14 days trial link.
  • Sign up for Google Workspace.
  • Provide required information and set up your account.
  • Go to “Admin Panel” and select on the “Billing” tab.
  • Select your country and suitable Plan.
  • Apply Google Workspace Promo Code.
  • Make payment and get full access to Google Workspace apps.

Note: Google Workspace Promo Code retailmenot and WIX are not the only ones who provide this service.

Is Annual Plan Better Than Flexible?

Is Annual Plan Better Than Flexible?

If you g suite flexible plan promo code, it will cost you higher.

On the other hand, G Suite Annual Plan will save around 10% for one year.

To get more and more discount, follow the below steps correctly:

1. Use G Suite account free for the first 14 days.
2. Then officially create an G Suite account.
3. Chose Annual Plan for better cost reduction.

Conclusion: So it would cost you less than the actual period. If use GSuite Promo Code smartly, you will have benefits for 379 days.


  1. Sign in to an administrator account using your G Suite email address.
  2. From Admin console, go to Billing
  3. Under Available upgrades, click on Find Out More.
  4. Can you see Get started in the right? Click on it.
  5. Enter your code in Promotion Code (促销代码) field and click on Continue.
  6. Check the terms of the agreement and click Continue.
  7. Done.


If you have a G Suite Business plan or Enterprise plan, you can downgrade your existing plan.

Isn’t it awesome?


If you downgrade now and wish to roll back, you have to wait for 60 days before you can upgrade.

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Billing option.
  2. You can see an ACTION tab next to your G Suite subscription. Click on that.
  3. Now you can Downgrade your current plan to a Basic or Business plan.
  4. After that, click on the bottom-right corner of the window where you can Downgrade the plan.
  5. Now its time to choose your payment.
  6. If you want a discount for payment, you can use a g suite basic promo code 2019 and apply in the Promotion Code field.
  7. Next click Continue.
  8. Check the box terms of the agreement and click Continue.
  9. Enjoy your new PLAN.


g suite basic vs business pricing for g suite promo code

  • As per your business need, chose the appropriate plans. If your organization has more than 50 people, then I must suggest you go for the Business one because it includes beneficial features which may surprise you.

If you have select ‘Basic Plan.’ On this plan, there are even two more plans includes under, i.e., Flexible Plan and Annual Plan.


G Suite Flexible Plan Pricing:

g suite basic flexible plan

G Suite Annual Plan Pricing:

g suite basic annual plan

Below is the window where you apply promotion code.

For example, if you have select Flexible Plan; you will see the ‘Promotion Code‘ tab. Enter your code from the above forms.


  1. Login to your ‘G Suite admin panel.’
  2. Next, go to the ‘Billing section’.
  3. Correctly select ‘Country and its Currency.’
  4. Select in between two plans. You can refer above tables that show G Suite pricing plans.
  5. Apply G Suite Coupon.
  6. After applying Google Workspace Promo Code, you will receive following confirmation note, ” “10% off each month for 12 month(s) if the minimum monthly bill is $1.00.”
  7. Click on continue. [It means your coupon has successfully used]


  • Note: To get 10% discount; please make sure you are entering correct promotion code while setting up a billing account. You can not apply it later.


  • Note: Your order will not show you your off amount as per Google’s policy. But one thing is sure. It does show you what voucher you have applied along with a short note.


Next what???

Enjoy your survive for 12 months. Yippe Hurray!!

You can get above article about ‘Google Workspace Promo Code’ on Reddit

How To Verify Your Domain

While you are of creating the G Suite account, one step asks for “Domain Verification.”

Why need to verify a domain for G Suite?

Its because no one can use your domain without your permission.

So check out below steps for Verifying your domain in easy steps:

1. Get your verification record
2. Go to your domain’s DNS records
3. Add the verification record to your domain host
4. Complete domain verification

After verifying your domain with an account, you can now set up Gmail with G Suite.

How to Cancel G Suite Account:

Please note that this procedure applied to all G Suite plans.

Please tell us why you are leaving G Suite family at the comment box below.

Follow below steps to cancel your G Suite account for your organization:

1. Cancel G Suite subscription.
2. Done.

For G Suite business plan or enterprise plan, you need to wait 60 days before you use your domain with a new G Suite subscription.

When G Suite Starts Billing?

If you have registered G Suite account along with applied G Suite Promo Code, understand its billing process.

The first month begins with a 14-day free trial.

As you already eyour primary payment method, you will be charged at the beginning of the subsequent month.

What if billing starts at the end of the month. According to Google, invoice calculated for only those days for which paid subscription started even if you added users.

How to change the correct G Suite Billing Plan?

Sometimes, users could choose the wrong billing plan while setting up billing for my Google service.

No need to worry. Just follow the below steps:

  1. If the user chose a wrong billing plan during setup, you can go back and select the right one. Or restart the billing.
  2. After setup completed, users cannot directly change their billing plans. It depends on their selected billing plan.

Change from Flexible to Annual:

Users cannot change their plan from Flexible to Annual. But you can contact Google Cloud partner to make this happen.

Change from Annual to Flexible Plan:

If you want to cancel your Annual plan, you need to do it before its renewal date. Still, users need to pay their closeout charges.




  • An important point to be noted that you can use coupon only during your first payment.
  • It offers only for the 1st time registration, and you will not be able to redeem later.
  • You will get 10% flat discount per user just for one year.
  • G Suite pricing values change from Country to Country, and also it would vary from Basic plan to Business one.
  • If you didn’t see any promotion code for g suite in your mail inbox, please make sure to check your spam folder.
  • If you didn’t get any coupon within a 1 hour, you could try 14 days free trial period instead.

Do comments in the below section if you find any trouble during processing. I will try to contact you within an hour or mostly within a day and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.



Country Discount (%) Price before Discount Price after Discount
United States 10 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
United Kingdom 10  £55.20 per user/yr £44.16  per user/yr
Australia 10 A$100.80 per user/yr A$80.64 per user/yr
Belgium 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Brazil 10 R$ 324 per user/yr R$ 259.2 per user/yr
Canada 10 CA$ $93.60 per user/yr CA$74.8 per user/yr
Chile 10 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
Colombia 10 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
France 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Germany 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
香港 10 $57.6 per user/yr $40 per user/yr
India 10 ₹2520 per user/yr ₹2016 per user/yr
Ireland 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Italy 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
日本 10 ¥8,160 per user/yr ¥6528 per user/yr
Mexico 10 MX$ 1404 per user/yr MX$ 1123.2 per user/yr
Netherlands 10 €49.92 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
New Zealand 10 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
Portugal 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr
Singapore 10 $72 per user/yr $57.6 per user/yr
España 10 €62.40 per user/yr €49.92 per user/yr


People can avail discount using google apps for business promo code for one time only.

The system had designed this program in such a way that it will restrict users to use a coupon for just one time.

After applying the promotion code, the users have rights to check whether a discount has applied or not.

If you found any error, then please comment down below or contact @ [email protected]

Question: What is the validity of respected G Suite Promo Code?

Answer: There is no such validity provided by Google. The user can apply the coupon as soon as you get a hands-on it.

Question: Will I get Discount for G Suite Business plan too?

Answer: Correct. If you received

Question: What is the limit of adding users under a single domain?

Answer: You can add as many users as you want users under one single domain name.

However, it would cost you more charges as you adding more users. Hence it’s better to use G Suite Promo Code.

Question: After creating G Suite account, do I need to start paying or can do later?

Answer: No need to hurry. You can pay for even one single day or 2 years also.



  1. Free G Suite access to G Suite Education:

1. Gfycat: GIFs for Email (JULY UPDATE)

Do you find yourself bored while reading imageless emails? Then you need to check G Suite new feature known as Gfycat.

You can now add GIF images in your email reply. These new GIFs will be of high quality and mostly engageable one. Using Gfycat, it will be effortless enough to find a perfect GIF for every type of reply.


Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise for Education G Suite users can set up their data where they want to. Also as per your requirement, you can change the data’s location at any time.

G Suite also takes care of users’ data when the owner moves to another organizational unit. G Suite automatically migrates the corresponding data without damaging single file. Plus additionally, the user can see the insight status of their data migration activity


Good news for G Suite Basic admin and users is that they can access the Activity Dashboard which is available without any hassles.

After setting a billing account using G Suite Code, in the basic plan, admin and users will have full access to Activity Dashboard. Previously what happens, even after choosing to see their file in the dashboard, they couldn’t see it. But now admin and users can view data easily.


As we know, G Suite activity dashboard will be available for all G Suite admins and users for Basic domains. Besides New admin controls, the user also gets to use User features that started rolling out from September 4th.

Please note that these features will only apply to G Suite Basic domains; not for G Suite Enterprise, Enterprise for Education, Business, Education who have already access to Activity Dashboard.


Remember when you received an email, and Gmail suggests you three different most likely suggestion?

Yes, that’s right!

Now, this feature is coming to Hangouts Chat. And it will be available to all GSuite Users very soon.


As an increased in concern regarding security, Google has taken significant steps by enabling alert center for G Suite in Beta. Using this function, the user can view notifications, alerts, and actions across G Suite without any efforts.

You can check out below screenshot of Alert Center:

The Alert Center will include the following choices:

  1. Google Operations: You can read G Suite Security related issues that may impact your G Suite service
  2. Gmail phishing and spam: User will get instant alert reports about phishing emails
  3. Mobile device management: Provides immediate reports for a misbehaving device which owned for G Suite Business or enterprise.


Since last few days, while composing a new mail, you probably seeing auto-suggestion text lines before writing anything. This feature is known as Smart Compose.

This feature is not only available to G Suite users only but all users also.

We already have a quick reply to emails and now Smart compose makes our life too easy.

In Gsuite, this feature will autocomplete your mail according to your text like common phrases and relevant addresses.

If you don’t like this feature, you can turn off in Gmail setting as shown in the below step:

Smart Compose > Writing suggestions off.


Google introduced a new feature for G Suite users that helps them to embed drawing data into Google Docs. Furthermore, if you are going to update your drawing file, then embed version would also get updated.

The feature is available for all G Suite edition which was rolled out from March 7, 2019. Use this feature from the “Insert” menu option in Docs.

So this is all about G Suite Promo Code program that will definitely provide some good to your organization account.

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