Google Workspace Promotion Code (プロモーションコード) For 日本 (2021年1月)

Apply G Suite Promotion Code for Japan and get 20% discount on Basic as well as Business plan.
Avail this discount for first twelve months per user using G Suite promo code (販売促進コード).

The users will save approximately 1200¥/yr to 2400 ¥/yr for Basic & Business Plan.

ねえ、私はあなたがGスイートクーポン(販売促進コード)のためにここにいることを知っています。だからこそ、日本のG Suiteのプロモーションコードを持ってきて、ユーザーあたり最初の12ヶ月間20%の割引を得るのです。

If you are from another country, need not to worry. You will get also coupons if you are from below regions like USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, India, UAE.

Avail your G Suite 販売促進コード from the below links to activate your G Suite account with the help of 20% off promo codes.


Follow Below Procedure To Get 20% Discount Using G Suite Promotion Code 2020?

[G Suiteプロモーションコードを使用して20%割引を得るには?]

1. Not able to see G Suite Promo Code anywhere in this post??? Well, need not to worry. Create G Suite Account by visiting below URL.


If you create your G Suite account using above URL, then you won’t need to apply G Suite Promo Code separately.

It’s better to use free trial unless you are sure of purchasing it.

2. From the above Google form, you will G Suite Promo Code for Japan. By setting up your billing account for your G Suite Basic (基本) or Business (ビジネス) account.

3. Fist sign in into your Google Admin console.
Note: Sign in using your admin account. Not user existing one, e.g., [email protected]

4. In the Home page, you will find the Billing part. Please go to that section.

5. After that Click Set up billing. You will see different billing options like which G Suite edition you want to buy and which currently you are from. Finally using the provided G Suite Promo Code, you complete your payment procedure

Important Instructions

  • Note that you can use G Suite Promo Code (Gスイートプロモコード) only during your first payment
  • It offers just for the 1st time registration, and you will not be able to redeem later
  • You will get 20% flat discount per user just for one year
    G Suite pricing values change from country to Country, and also it would vary from Basic plan to Business one.
  • Please verify your spam folder if you didn’t see respective coupons
    If you didn’t get any coupon within a 1 hour, you could try 14 days trial period instead.


Question: When would I get a G Suite promotional code after registering through a respective form?
Answer: You will get promo codes within minutes if you enter correct mail ID and your business domain name.

Question: Will I get Business coupon code through this form?
Answer: Yes! You can…

Question: What is the validation period of the promotion code (販売促進コード) if I issue it now from you?
Answer: As we have already written the validation of promo code on the top of this post but sometimes promo codes would be useful for the next four months.

Read More on G Suite Coupon and create G Suite Account Quickly.

元値基本計画 (20% ディスカウント)事業計画
(20% ディスカウント)



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